Specifications for Myanmar Passport and Visa Photographs

When planning to travel outside of Myanmar, ensuring you possess all the essential documents is crucial. Typically, a Myanmar passport is a necessity, and e-Visa Photos offers assistance in obtaining the required photos for the passport application process. This eliminates the need to visit a professional photo studio; you can simply take your photo at home, and we will transform it into a passport photo that meets government standards.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the potential requirement for a Myanmar visa at your destination. For those eligible for an electronic visa, e-Visa can simplify the process of obtaining it, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Specifications for the passport photo

The passport photo specifications outline crucial guidelines that must be followed meticulously when capturing an image for official documentation. Adhering to these specifications ensures that the photo meets the necessary standards for passports and other identification documents.

– Photo dimensions: 4.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width

– Photo should be in colour

– Maintain a straight head position

– Photo should not be older than 6 months

– Background must be white

– Avoid smiling

– Ensure clear visibility of your eyes

– Do not submit a blurry photo

– Glasses are acceptable under specific conditions

– Headwear is generally not allowed, except for religious reasons

– Minimum resolution: 600 dpi

– Dress code: Clothing should contrast with the background; avoid white shirts

– Beards are permitted if they reflect your usual appearance

– Two photos are required

Myanmar Passport Photo Size and Specification Guidelines

Achieving a successful Myanmar passport photo at home hinges on adhering to specific rules and guidelines. These are outlined below, and it’s crucial to note that failure to meet these conditions could result in the rejection of your passport or visa photo.

  • Background

– The background of your passport or visa photo must be plain white, free of colours, patterns, or shadows.

– While many opt for a white wall background, using a non-transparent white sheet hung on a wall is also acceptable.

  • Lighting

– Proper lighting is essential, avoiding extremes of dimness or brightness.

– Ensure that the light source is directly in front of you to prevent shadows on your face.

  • Camera Angle and Head Position

– Position the camera at eye level for the best angle.

– Keep your head straight, facing forward, with both sides of your face equally visible.

– Avoid submitting a portrait-style photo to prevent rejection.

  • Facial Expression

– Smiling, squinting, or frowning is not permitted. Maintain a neutral expression.

  • Visible Eyes

– Your eyes must be clearly visible; obscured eyes will lead to photo rejection.

– If wearing glasses, frames should not cover your eyes. Remove glasses with tinted or sunglasses lenses. Check for glare before submitting the photo.

  • Headwear

– Generally, headwear is not allowed, except for religious purposes.

– If worn for religious reasons, ensure it doesn’t cast shadows on your face, and your full face is visible from forehead to chin.

  • Beard

– Men are not required to shave their beards if they reflect their typical appearance. Any beard-related changes should be made before taking the photo to depict your everyday likeness.

Rules for Babies, Infants, and Newborns Passport and Visa Photos

– Children’s passport photos require the child’s head to occupy less space than an adult’s.

– Ensure the child’s awake when capturing the photo.

– Place the baby on a white surface for a comfortable photo session. A white sheet can be used as a background when photographing in a car seat.

– Remove headwear and pacifiers before taking the photo.

– Only the child should be visible in the shot; avoid including your hands if holding the baby.

Getting Myanmar Passport Photos or Myanmar Visa Photos Online

To obtain your passport photos through e-Visa Photos online, you need a camera with decent pixel quality. Follow all the rules and guidelines discussed earlier when taking your picture. Remember, each rule is vital, as missing any could result in photo rejection.

  • After obtaining a satisfactory picture, submit it to e-Visa Photos. We’ll ensure it complies fully with government standards and provide two options:
  • Download the processed image for self-printing on photo-quality paper.
  • Provide an address for fast delivery of the passport photos you require.


FAQs and Answers on Myanmar Passport and Visa Photograph Specifications

  • What are the specific requirements for a Myanmar passport photo or visa photo?

The requirements include a white background, proper lighting, a neutral facial expression, visible eyes, and adherence to headwear and beard guidelines. The specifications ensure that the photo accurately represents the individual.

  • Can I take the photo at home?

Yes, you can take the photo at home if you follow the specified guidelines. e-Visa Photos offers assistance in transforming your photo into a compliant passport or visa photo.

  • Are there specific rules for photographing children?

Yes, children’s photos have slight variations in terms of head size, positioning, and background. It’s important to ensure the child’s eyes are visible and that headwear and other individuals are avoided in the shot.

  • What about the glasses in the photo?

Glasses are allowed as long as they don’t obscure the eyes. Tinted or sunglasses lenses are not permitted. It’s advised to check for glare before submitting the photo.

  • Can I smile in the photo?

No, a neutral expression is required. Smiling, squinting, or frowning are not acceptable.

  • Are there exceptions for religious headwear?

Yes, religious headwear is allowed as long as it doesn’t cast shadows on the face. The entire face should be visible, from forehead to chin.

  • What if I wear a beard?

Beards are acceptable if they represent your usual appearance. Any changes should be made before capturing the photo.

  • Can I get my photos online?

Yes, e-Visa Photos allows you to submit your photo online. They ensure compliance with the specified standards and offer options for self-printing or delivery.

Navigating these FAQs will help you understand the necessary specifications for your Myanmar passport and visa photos, ensuring a smooth application process.

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