Myanmar e-Business Visa

The government of Myanmar launched the Myanmar business eVisa system in July 2015 to make visa applications easier for business visitors to Myanmar. You can also apply for eVisa online in addition to a Myanmar business visa.

Visitors to Myanmar can apply for a business visa online rather than visiting an embassy or consulate. The Myanmar online visa application form allows applicants to submit all required documents and information to process the Visa. To facilitate people, the government of Myanmar has decided to accept payments via the Internet as it does not require waiting in lines or making appointments. The Myanmar eVisa system helps cut down on time spent applying for a visa.

Validity of Business Visa Online:

The business eVisa has a validity of 90 days after the Myanmar approval letter confirms that the traveler's application was successful. The border authorities will deny entry to anyone crossing the border with an expired eVisa approval letter.

The eVisa holder will be allowed to stay in Myanmar for 70 days once they arrive.

Although this is a single-entry permit, the business eVisa can extend while staying in the country. Eligible travelers will need a letter of recommendation from the Ministry to do so. Foreigners should contact their nearest embassy for information and assistance.

Who can apply for Myanmar Business Visa:

Business visas are exclusively for those traveling to Myanmar for business purposes only. Myanmar is currently accepting applications for Visas. Nationals from over 50 countries can apply online for Myanmar eVisa. Following are the names mentioned for those who are eligible:

Proof of Nationality:

Only the passports of travelers will be accepted as proof of nationality. No other documents are to be accepted by the Government of Myanmar as proof. If any traveler does not possess a passport, their entry will be denied at the border.

How to apply and get a Myanmar Business Visa:

Filling out the Myanmar visa application form while adhering to the eVisa requirements and guidelines and paying for the Visa online with a credit or debit card are all part of the process. The electronic Visa for Myanmar will be sent to the email address provided on the Burma eVisa application form. The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar issues the official business visa document electronically.

Requirements for Business Visa for Myanmar:

Applicants will be required to submit certain information and proof of documents in the Myanmar visa application form to successfully apply for a business visa. To avoid any complications, double-check that you have all of the Documents Required for Myanmar e-Visa before applying:

  • A valid passport will be needed with at least the validity of 6 months. The validity must be from the planned date of entry to Myanmar.
    • A scanned copy of your passport will be required for applying for the eVisa.
  • A passport-sized picture is required for applying for the eVisa.
  • An Invitation letter and registration certificate from the inviting company are required. This letter and certificate must have at least 3 months of validity.
    • For Local Company - Certificate of Incorporation.
    • For Foreign Investment Company - Certificate of Registration of Branch Office.
  • Must possess a valid debit/credit card for visa fee
  • An accommodation booking confirmation must be required.

Please Note: The following Myanmar Registered Foreign Chamber of Commerce Association's recommendation or invitation letter are eligible:

  • Thai Business Association of Myanmar
  • French - Myanmar Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FMCCI)
  • European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (Eurocham Myanmar)
  • Malaysian Business Chamber
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar

It should be made clear that the required passport picture must be taken within the last three months before applying for a visa and can be uploaded on the application portal later. The digital photo must be in JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats with at least 300 dpi resolution. The file size to be uploaded must be under 1 MB.

Applicants must be able to provide all the mentioned documents to apply for their business Visa.

One blank passport page must also be left, which must have enough space to put necessary stamps on it, which must be issued at the border upon arrival in Myanmar.

Business Visa details

  • You will receive an email after successful payment of your visa service. e-Visa service fees is non refundable.
  • The validity of Business e-Visa is 90 days from the date of issuance. Entry will be denied if the visa has expired.
  • The maximum length of stay is 70 days from your date of arrival in Myanmar.
  • The processing time is up to 7 working days for normal Business Visa.
  • eVisa is a only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.
  • Entry in Myanmar is permitted only via the following ports :
    1. Yangon International Airport
    2. Mandalay International Airport
    3. Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
    4. Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint
    5. Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint
    6. Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint
  • You may return by the same flight if you are denied of entry in Myanmar.
  • You may extend your Business Visa with a relevant Ministry recommendation letter.
  • Before applying for Business e-Visa, please check for visa exempt countries and eligible countries for entering Myanmar.

COVID-19 Business Traveler Requirements in Myanmar

Vaccination: There is no longer a necessity for a COVID-19 vaccination.

Testing: COVID-19 testing is no longer a requirement.

Health Insurance: Every foreign visitor intending to travel to Myanmar must secure Travel Medical Insurance with a specific COVID-19 coverage through Myanma Insurance. This insurance certificate must accompany your application. Given the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19 protocols, it's crucial to frequently consult both the airline's website and the official government website of Myanmar for updates on entry requirements.

How to Extend Myanmar Business Visa:

Suppose you want to extend your business visa after you've arrived in Myanmar. In that case, you'll need to go to the nearest immigration office or embassy and ask for a business visa extension. If travelers have already left Myanmar or their Visa has expired, they will need to reapply online for a Myanmar business visa.

Obtaining a Myanmar business visa is straightforward and can be completed entirely online. Those who need to enter Myanmar more than once or make multiple trips should look at the various visa types for Myanmar to see if a different kind of Visa would be more appropriate.

Myanmar Business Visa Sample page


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While you apply online, you will receive your approval letter at your designated email address directly. Please note that the download option will only be available if your application has been approved.

Before the Approval letter, you will receive your acknowledgment letter first. Processing time starts after submission of the application and upon successful online payment. The processing time is up to 7 working days for Normal and Business Visa.

The inviting company must register its status in Myanmar Companies Online (MyCo).

Group tours can also apply for online eVisa. Individuals are using need to apply and pay separately for their expenses.

You are permitted to stay for 70 days in Myanmar if applied for Business eVisa and 28 days for Tourist Visa.