Residency in Myanmar

Residency in Myanmar involves a complex process with specific eligibility criteria, benefits, and a rigorous application procedure. 

This guide provides comprehensive information on obtaining permanent residency in Myanmar, including eligibility requirements, benefits, and the application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Permanent Residency

To apply for permanent residency in Myanmar, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Visa Type: Applicants must possess a visa type that does not prohibit settling in Myanmar.
  • Residency Period: The applicant must have resided in Myanmar continuously for at least three years.
  • Professional Qualifications: The applicant must be a professional with work experience in sectors consistent with the State’s requirements.
  • Tax Compliance: The applicant must be qualified to pay taxes in accordance with Myanmar’s laws and regulations for their business type.
  • Refugee and Asylum Status: The applicant should not be considered a refugee at the international level and must not be eligible for political asylum in any country.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must not have a criminal record in Myanmar, abroad, or internationally.

Benefits of Myanmar Permanent Residency

Obtaining permanent residency in Myanmar offers several benefits, including:

  • Extended Stay: Foreigners with permanent residency are eligible for an extended stay period of up to 10 years in Myanmar.
  • Property Ownership: Permanent residents are allowed to purchase real estate in Myanmar.
  • Family Inclusion: Immediate family members of the permanent resident also receive residence rights.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Permanent residents enjoy unrestricted entry into and departure from Myanmar. They may also be allowed entry into several other states and countries without needing a visa or visa-on-arrival.
  • Legal Rights: Permanent residents are entitled to the legal rights upheld in Myanmar.

Myanmar Permanent Resident Visa Application Process

The application process for Myanmar Permanent Residency involves several steps:

  • Application Submission: Submit a fully completed and signed Myanmar visa application form.
  • Passport: Provide a valid passport in its original form, along with four copies of the visa and stay permit pages, as well as copies of the photo page.
  • Identification: Include a genuine identification card.
  • Medical Certificate: Submit an unaltered Medical Certificate.
  • Photographs: Provide three recent standard-size color passport photographs.
  • Marriage Certificate: If applicable, include an authentic marriage certificate notarized and validated (must be older than two years).
  • CD with Documents: Prepare a scanned CD containing all the aforementioned documents, along with the applicant’s signature and right- and left-hand fingerprints.

Permanent Resident Processing Cost

The application incurs a non-refundable fee of £430, payable in cash or UK postal orders made out to the Myanmar Embassy.

Residency in Myanmar is a significant step for those who meet the eligibility criteria, offering an opportunity to establish a long-term presence in this culturally diverse nation. However, it is essential to adhere to the strict application requirements and procedures to successfully obtain permanent residency.

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