Apply for a Myanmar Visa Extension

Travelers visiting Myanmar with a tourist eVisa are typically granted a stay of up to 28 days. While this duration is sufficient for many tourists, some may desire a longer stay to explore the country in more depth. Additionally, individuals holding a business eVisa may require an extension beyond the standard 70-day allowance. This guide aims to provide detailed information on how to apply for a visa extension in Myanmar, including the process for eVisa holders and options for travelers with traditional visas, such as social and meditation visas.

Types of Myanmar eVisa

There are two types of Myanmar eVisa available: the Tourist eVisa and the Business eVisa. The online application process for both types eliminates the need to visit an embassy in person or stand in long queues at the airport upon arrival. Once approved, the eVisa is sent via email and should be printed out and presented alongside a valid passport at the border.

The maximum duration of stay in Myanmar depends on the type of eVisa obtained and is calculated from the day of entry into the country:

  • Tourist eVisa: Allows a stay of up to 28 days in Myanmar.
  • Business eVisa: Grants a stay of up to 70 days in Myanmar.

It is advisable to plan an itinerary that fits within these time allowances. However, if additional time is required, travelers must apply for a visa extension to avoid overstaying, which can result in fines and other negative consequences.

Myanmar Tourist eVisa Extension

Currently, it is not possible to extend a Myanmar tourist eVisa online. Tourists who wish to stay in Myanmar beyond the initial 28-day period should get in touch with their embassy or consulate, or visit a Myanmar (Burma) immigration office in Naypyitaw, the capital city. It is important to note that the tourist eVisa is single-entry. If travelers intend to leave Myanmar and return at a later date, they must apply for a new eVisa.

Myanmar Business eVisa Extension

For those requiring an extension beyond the 70-day limit of a business eVisa, the quickest and most efficient method is to apply online. Travelers can request an extension by obtaining a relevant Ministry recommendation letter. Foreign nationals should contact their nearest embassy or consulate for assistance with extending their business visa.

Applying for an Extension with Other Visas

Individuals who are not eligible for the Myanmar eVisa, or prefer a traditional paper visa, must apply through an embassy or consulate. Unlike the online application process, this method often requires a personal visit to the embassy or consulate to submit the necessary documents.

The following are two types of Myanmar visas that cannot be applied for online:

Social Visa

The social visa is specifically for former Myanmar citizens or residents and is valid for 70 days. Travelers interested in this visa should contact their embassy or consulate to gather all necessary information and documentation for the application process.

Meditation Visa

The meditation visa is intended for those attending spiritual retreats and yoga courses in Myanmar. Travelers considering a meditation visa should evaluate if it is their primary purpose for visiting the country. If it is just a part of their trip, opting for a tourist eVisa may be more suitable. For extension inquiries, social and meditation visa holders should seek information and advice from the embassy or consulate of their home country.

Travelers considering a meditation visa for part of their trip may find it more convenient to obtain a tourist eVisa instead.

Social and Meditation visa holders who require an extension while already in Myanmar should seek information and advice at an embassy or consulate of their home country.

Embassies and Consulates in Myanmar

Most embassies and consulates in Myanmar are located in the capital city, Yangon. With a total of 41 embassies, 14 consulates, and 2 other representations, Yangon serves as the primary location for visa-related matters.

For example, the US embassy in Myanmar can be found at the following address:

  • 110 University Ave
  • Kamayut Township
  • Yangon

To apply for a visa extension, it is usually necessary to make an appointment at the embassy or consulate and request a meeting.

Consequences of Overstaying a Myanmar Visa

It is crucial to avoid overstaying a Myanmar visa to prevent facing the following repercussions:

  • Fines: Foreigners who overstay their visa will be fined for each day beyond the permitted duration.
  • Accommodation Issues: Guesthouses and hotels are unlikely to accept guests whose visas have expired.
  • Travel Restrictions: With an expired visa, flying within Myanmar, one of the most convenient modes of transportation, becomes impossible.
  • Future Entry Restrictions: Individuals who overstay their visa may be banned from returning to Myanmar in the future.

Paying the Myanmar Visa Overstay Fine

Overstaying a Myanmar visa is considered an offense and should be avoided. Tourists are strongly advised to plan their trip in advance to ensure they can visit all desired locations within the allotted 28-day period.

In the event of an overstay, whether with an eVisa or traditional visa, travelers can pay the accumulated fine at a designated booth at the airport before departing the country.

By following the guidelines provided in this comprehensive guide, travelers can ensure a smooth visa extension process in Myanmar and avoid any complications or penalties associated with overstaying their permitted duration.

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